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Reliable IT hardware is what fuels successful modern businesses, and the team at Prem-Tek knows it. We've spent more than twenty years refurbishing, upgrading, and repurposing business-to-business IT equipment, ensuring the products we provide are best-in-class when it comes to performance and price.

By the very nature of the way we work, we offer quality IT hardware to businesses of all sizes at excellent prices to suit all budgets. We transform products, sourcing them from trusted B2B environments before painstakingly upgrading components and cosmetics with unbeatable precision. Our team is passionate about delivering superb products that not only deliver technologies that excel in visual quality and performance, but also minimise the carbon footprint typically associated with large B2B equipment purchases.

We take the time and energy to ensure the products you receive will meet expectations. From the initial examination to a detailed upgrade and cosmetic improvements – the equipment you receive will look and feel like it's brand new. When your business buys with Prem-Tek, you're committing to working with a company that puts quality and reliability first.

We offer a selection of hardware from trusted manufacturers well-known both in retail and the B2B space you'll know and trust, including ASUS, Acer, Dell, Apple, Samsung, and more.



When you make a purchase with Prem-Tek, your purchase offers performance, reliability, and peace of mind due to a rigorous refurbishment process and a generous 6-month warranty.


Enjoy powerful, reliable, premium B2B equipment at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're looking for a single item or are seeking preferred pricing when purchasing in high volumes, Prem-Tek is here to help.

Bespoke Service

With Prem-Tek, enjoy custom hardware configurations, upgrades, and even device wraps. Want to give your devices a vibrant design? We offer different colours, textures, and custom imagery.

Returns Policy

Prem-Tek ensures the products you receive are to the highest standard. In the unlikely event your Prem-Tek purchase doesn't meet expectations, enjoy a 14-day no-hassle returns policy.

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